Time to get medieval!

The Medieval Studies Undergraduate Society (MSUS) is a social and academic club dedicated to promoting enthusiasm for medieval studies at the University of Toronto. MSUS offers academic assistance and peer mentoring within the field of medieval studies, and also hosts campus-wide events such as seminars, medieval feasts, lectures, workshops, and movie discussion nights.

The 2022-2023 academic term is special as MSUS finished undergoing a reboot! Stay tuned to see how our student-run society aims to create a welcoming, diverse, and impactful community at the University of St. Michael's College, the University of Toronto, and beyond.



The subject of medieval studies is becoming more and more interdisciplinary, and MSUS welcomes members of all backgrounds - academic or otherwise.

MSUS dedicates itself to the formation of student leaders representing the values of the greater university community. 


Student Growth

Each MSUS event is planned with the goal of cultivating the curiosity of its participants. 


MSUS is a society run by students for students, and values creating a warm and supportive environment for all of its members.